About Us


Reverie Puzzles is a new Australian jigsaw puzzle company based in Geelong, Victoria.

The idea for a bookish-themed jigsaw puzzle brand first came to me in early 2021. While I have been reading all my life, puzzling was something of a long-forgotten childhood hobby that I had just recently picked up again due to the pandemic. I searched high and low for bookish jigsaw puzzles, and while I found a couple here and there, none of the designs were quite my style.

Having come across and worked with many other bookish small business owners and artists through my previous business, I came up with the idea of creating my own jigsaw puzzle brand with a bookish twist. Many months of planning and toiling later, here we are!

Our hope is to bring a new and beautiful range of jigsaw puzzles to the market that can further cement the love for both reading and puzzling. We work with artists all over the world and we also hope to bring something different to the table, where we turn fanart of characters, locations and/or scenes from our favourite fiction books into jigsaw puzzles (always with the permission of the author, of course!).

I hope you find something you like here and if you have any feedback or suggestions, I would love to hear them!

Lots of love