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Reverie Puzzles

The Cowherd & The Weaver Girl Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Pieces)

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This romantic puzzle is inspired by a popular Chinese folktale of the same name, and is the story behind Qixi Festival (Chinese Valentine's Day).

Niulang (the cowherd) met Zhinü (the weaver girl) when she descended from the heavens with her sisters to have a swim in a lake. They met, fell in love and had two children toegher. However, as Niulang was a mortal and Zhinü was a fairy, their love was forbidden.

When the Heavenly Mother found out, Zhinü was forced to return to the heavens. Niulang was very upset, but his ox told him to kill it and put on its hide so that he could chase after his wife. Sadly sacrificing his ox, Niulang did as it said, but this invoked the warth of the Heavenly Mother, who carved the Milky Way into the sky to separate the lovers. However, the magpies took pity on the couple, so once a year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, the magpies form a bridge across the sky to allow the lovers to meet for just that one night.

  • Artwork by Serene Chan (sereneillustrations)
  • 1000 pieces in matte-finish enclosed in a reusable drawstring bag
  • Completed puzzle size: 50x70cm
  • Includes a poster insert that measures 28.5x19.5cm
  • Box size: 29.5x20.5x5cm

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Love Story

A challenging puzzle for me, looking at the pieces I found the subtle colour changes a little difficult in certain lights but once it was complete they became more visible. It was worth the effort because the end result is stunning 🩷🩵